May 17, 2013

We're RE-STOCKED and Michele is with us!

Doing the Friday dance - doing the Friday dance - doing the Friday dance. Hooray!

Ok, I'll take it down a couple notches - Friday make this girl a little excited (how 'bout you!?)

We've got a couple reminders before we show off Michele and her crafty goodness...

Color Wheel and Drops Background are BACK IN STOCK! Grab em while they're hot (and while supplies last!)


 We're starting a new challenge with lots of sweet prizes and just a fun theme - Use What You Have! Check out all the details and participate HERE.


Ok now we're all caught up and we're so excited to show off Michele's awesomeness....

There is Michele - isn't she cute!? (love the glasses!) She working with one of my new and favorite stamp sets - Austen Obsessed 

A book mark couldn't be more appropriate for this sentiment - right?! (actually, I have another brilliant idea to use this sentiment with our stack of books from the 'Geek Chic' set.... ohhhh, I can't wait to have some crafty time to do it!!)

I love how she showcased the sentiment here - it really is all about the sentiment and it's done so nicely!

This card is probably my personal favorite - the lace at the bottom looks like you can almost touch it. So dainty and perfect! WAY TO GO Michele!

She rocked it out - you'll wanna head over to her blog HERE and say hello!

We'll see you back here on Monday with some more good stuff - and hopefully a little some extra from ME!

Happy Weekend!
Happy Stamping,

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