May 15, 2013

Use What You Have! Challenge & Daniela Dobson!

How'd everyone LOVE the release yesterday?! We used to do days and days of peeks and then release the stamps.... and I thought, yuck - let's just show off the peeks on one day and release them the same day! As a customer, I hate peeks.... lol... I just wanna see, right now! So, that's what we're doing and I'm glad that you're lovin' it!

We've got a GREAT spotlight today using some of the new stuff! Daniela is with us and she's pretty much a rock star!


Also, I'm starting a new series here on the blog - something I really should have done ages ago.

Are you like me - do you have PILES of old stickers, paper, and embellishments from *years* ago that you bought for something super special? (not that you could remember exactly what for)  --- You promise yourself that you're going to start to use some of it - *before* you buy another crafty item- but, somehow something glittery catches your eye and all of a sudden your cart is full of stuff you ALREADY have at home!! If this isn't you - just scroll on down.... but, if this speaks to your creative buying and storing.... you're NOT alone.

Hi, my name is Nicole - and I buy WAY too much crafty stuff I don't use.

It's time to start to use what we have people! And, to get our piles of 'stuff' out of the closet and onto the 'new' pile. (I literally kept my old stuff in tubs in the closet - and new stuff I got always sits on my desk... lol)

Confession time.... I have *several* tubs of old stuff (I mean stuff from maybe 10 years ago all the way to 3 or 4 years ago) I needed to get serious about organization.... SO

What I did first - before I moved - was to purge the piles down to what I thought I would actually use... I donated a couple bankers boxes full of paper and embellishments. This helped... and now I'm down to 3 or 4 small tubs of stickers and embellishments. (stuff that didn't make the cut into my new organization system with the new stuff)

So now, here is the challenge - once a week during a crafty session - I'm going to reach into this box first and see if I can use something out of it. Wanna join the challenge?! Every week I'll post a picture of what I dug out of my 'stash' and how I used it. We'll do this on Wednesday! If you like to jump in on it - we'd love that.

(hopefully you all LOVE this idea and we'll continue to do it every week - if that's the case... we'll switch it up with sketches - color ideas - and other fun inspirational stuff to get your juices going while using that OLD stuff!) 

You'll have until next tuesday to add your link below - to your blog post showing off your 'stash' and then a card using your stash!

1. You do not *have to* use SSS in your card or project - although, we'd love it! (and we can't feature your project in our marketing without you using SWEET! - so keep that in mind!)

2. You have until Tuesday at 10pm pst to add your link below

3. There will be ONE winner based upon most creative use of 'old stuff' .... and ONE winner drawn from all the participants. Winners will be announced the day of the new challenge - so, in this case... next Wednesday. Prize will be something sweet - lol.

MOST IMPORTANT!!! Create whatever strikes your fancy - scrapbook page, project life - cards - altered art - home decor.... anything! Just be sure to use that old stuff in it! 

 Ready to see my stash and what I made?!

I love those citrus stickers and I found some OLD citrus paper (in my 'food' paper section - thank goodness for being OCD organized! - lol)

Ohhh - I love how this turned out! I used my favorite NEW watercolor palette and two of my favorite stamp sets - Chalkboard Sign and Eye Love  - Sigh, this might be one of the best little creations I have made in a while. I'm so inspired to use stuff out of that 'old' box! I hope you're inspired too!

So, use what you have and SHARE with us! Link below!!


Let's meet Daniela Dobson

(she's purrr-tea - isn't she?!!!)

 Hi, my name is Daniela Dobson, and I I'm excited to spend some time here at Sweet Stamp Shop! I love stamps, different patterns and embellishments. I started stamping and scrapbooking 10 years ago and I haven’s stopped. I am married to a sweet man and we have a five year old son who keeps us busy. You can find my blog at

Aren't those so awesome and totally artsy! I love them - and I love Daniela's style all around. Please take a Moment to visit her blog!!

Then check out the new stuff in the shop...

Austen Obsessed
 Weird Love


I also used my favorite - Chalkboard Sign set... 

 Big Hugs to Daniela for being a guest designer with us.... we'll be back a little later today with more new stuff - and the winner of the NEW SETS!!

Hugs and Happy Stamping!

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  1. Love this idea! Once my hand heals I will be taking part in this challenge!

  2. Hi! I came to your site hoping to find a way to share a recent layout using your distressed chevron stamp and found this cool challenge! I've linked my blog post above ( - I used the chevron stamp on my homemade polaroid frame : )

    I'm so excited to participate in your use it up challenge! I have way too much old stuff!!