Mar 23, 2013

Sweet Spotlight! Danni

Weekend - Sigh, how I love thee.... What I'm not so fond of is our water main having a rather large crack and subsequently, our home being waterless. So while I'd LOVE to tell you I'm sitting here with a large cup of coffee - alas, no water. Guess this means the moment I'm done with this - I'm off for some coffee! lol

My good friend Danni is back again... remember this little intro from last month....

She's just recently started her blog - but, she's a seasoned professional in the craft world. She spends a lot of her time working at a (San Diego) local scrapbook shop (actually the biggest one around these parts) and she teaches such fun classes - she's just the sweetest around. She comes over and crafts with me and we just laugh and enjoy each other so much. She's a mommy of two little boys - and is married to just one of the *nicest* guys around (he's taken us shooting guns recently - and he was so patient with me - the newbie) ANYWAY - meet Danni....

I'm so lucky to call her a friend and I'm so excited that she creates with my stamps ... cause, she's pretty amazing.

Danni is back with us this month - and I couldn't be more pleased to have one of my **personal** good friends with me on this SWEET ride! 

First - be sure to drop by Danni's blog - it's new and she's trying to build up her readers... I know we can help!

Danni's Blog Here

Let's check out her crafty genius this month...

 I believe these little arrows are glittery!

I love the neon with the houndstooth - and the ribbon. It just works!

 Of course, this is just the sweetest! LOVE! 

Take a moment and stop by Danni's blog - Danni's Blog Here

Danni used 

 I'm running off to grab some coffee and pray that the plumber shows up before 1pm today. Don't know how long this can last! lol 

Happy Stamping!

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