Feb 18, 2013

Guest Design Spot Light: Maria Levine

Happy Presidents Day! My Momzie, lucky lady, is a counselor at a school and is at home today... Are you playing or working today? Either way, we have a little something special for you today -

You know we started to accept - PAYPAL!! ... So, today only - use paypal and get any one 4x6 stamp set for $10!!

Coupon Code: PD18

Ready for our Guest Design Spotlight?!

Meet Maria Levine

Here is a little about Maria in her own words...

I am a SAHM to almost 7 year old twins, a boy and a girl and a very supportive husband!  Over 12 years ago I was invited to a stamp party and went not knowing a thing about it.  Well you know how that turned out I've been addicted to stamps ever since.  I love making cards, scrapbook pages and working on mixed media.  This year I am doing Project of LIfe which is alot of fun and will be a fabulous keepsake!  Thank you to Nicole for having me on the Sweet Stamp Shop's team for this month, I am thrilled to have had the opportunity this month to be a part of this great company!

Maria worked with one of my favorite new sets -

'Warm Notes' 

It really was designed for quick (thoughtful) card sets. Stationery! I'll be posting a video later this week showing off some quick stationery using this set. It's super versatile - and completely easy to use!

Anywho, ready to see Maria's creations?!


Know what I love so much about Maria's projects? They are all SO different. It's really just showing off all the awesome possibilities of this petite set. Proof that you don't need 100 stamps to make lots of cards. She did all of these with only 3!!

Take a moment and visit Maria - HERE. (tell her we say hello!)

Couple reminders (just in case you didn't see)

By The Way.....
It's that time when we start looking for March guest designers... if you'd like to be considered please comment below with your blog address, your name, and your location.


Head over to the shop to get the latest stuff!


And, on a super personal note (and because I like to share some of *me* with you ladies - stuff that isn't always craft related :)

Some of you may know, and most of you probably don't - BUT, my husband and I have been on a pretty serious year long journey to get healthy and take back our lives. (and all of you are a MAJOR reason why I did it - all my *sweet* friends, fans, and customers that helped make Sweet Stamp Shop such a success made me feel SO GOOD about myself - it was just the boost I needed to tackle my weight issues, so THANK YOU!!)

If you'd like to read about my weight loss journey ...  I have two posts that might interest you ...

My Journey to 50lbs (the first post - from the fall) 

My Journey to 70lbs (brand new - yesterday) 

Ok - so we'll be back here tomorrow with lots more inspiration! Don't forget to take advantage of the sale today! Coupon Code: PD18

Happy President's Day!
Happy Stamping!

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  1. Congrats you guys! You both look amazing! And thanks SOO much for having me as a guest this month!!!

  2. You are so inspiring. A healthy relationship with food is a difficult thing to figure out and it is different for everyone. It's wonderful that both you and your hubby found the right food relationship for yourselves. Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Awesome cards Maria!

    Loved reading about your personal journey!

  4. WOW! That's all I have to say!!!!!!!!!

  5. Congratulations on your health journey ... looks like your succeeding fabulously!

    I'd love to be considered for a guest spot!

    Carrie P


  6. Love your awesome cards, Maria! So versadile! And congratulations on loosing SOOOO much weight! Great work! You look amazing!!!!! :)
    Well, if I may, I will add my name, too.
    Beverly Jordan