Nov 14, 2012

Sweet Guest Designer - Raven Baca

Hey Sweeties! 

Today we have a special guest designer that most of you probably know from her fa-bu-lous work on her blog... she really needs no introduction because she's amazing. 

I am married to the best man in the world! I craft, he watches sports perfect match. ;) We have four AMAZING children together. My step son (our oldest) is going to school now to be a civil rights lawyer; wish us luck. Second son is a Lego connoisseur, he can build anything he puts his mind too. With that said, at this point his mind is always on super heroes Avengers to be exact. Oldest daughter is a mini artist. She never takes her smock off which leads to very dirty carpets SIGH. I'm getting use to it. Youngest daughter is a fashion diva and accessory specialist. We had to start making jewelry at our house because she didn't like what they had at the stores. SHE IS 6. I know TROUBLE!!! I love them all so much and I craft for my sanity and for them. I love to see their faces when they receive something special that was made just for them to celebrate a birthday or holiday. I love to watch them peruse through the scrapbooks and ewe and awe and smile and laugh and make fun of each other. Normally they make fun of second son for liking Dora at one point. It's a sensitive subject around here these days lol. That's me I love crafting; I hear the Willie Wonka theme song when I walk into a craft store! My two favorite loves are PAPER and STAMPS. I hope you'll join me on my adventure.

Raven made this awesome layout to share today...

She used one of my fave sets, Dream Ocean.
Thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to stop by Raven's blog and tell her we sent you over! 

♥ Emily
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