Aug 2, 2012

Welcome some International *Sweets*

Some more design team news! 

So, we're always SO impressed with all the international 
applicants - but, we struggle with having enough time 
to ship international (for releases and other fun stuff) - and 
the cost has risen to send international ($$$) so, we haven't 
been able to justify it. BUT, this time we got some AMAZING 
applications - so good in fact that we're creating a team JUST FOR
these International girls! They'll stop by the blog a couple times a
month and share they're talents with you! 

Ready to meet them? 

Drum roll.... 

Here is a little about Erin - From Erin!
My name is Erin Morehouse,  I live just outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada with my husband and our three young boys.  I've always been the type to have my hands into something crafty. I think I learned to crochet before I could read! Five years ago I assumed scrapbooking would just be another passing interest.  I was instantly hooked, and have not looked back since. A stay at home mom, with a bachelors degree in Art History and Studio Art, I find myself itching to constantly explore different techniques and styles, using papercrafting and photography as my main creative outlets. I am slowly rediscovering mixed media and finding fun ways to incorporate my scrapbooking and art supplies into projects. I am driven by challenge, and love coming up with new ideas to solve problems, or find fresh uses for older product. I love adding touches of whimsy to my pages, and enjoy the process of creating as much as I enjoy the final product. I am really honoured and excited to be part of the Sweet Stamp Shop International Sweets!

Take a moment to stop by Erin's blog HERE


Next up is

Anita Recksiedler

Here is a little about Anita - From Anita! 

Hi my name is Anita Recksiedler and I am happily a mom to two wonderful kids a sweet almost 7 year old girl and a busy just about 4 year old boy!  I've been married to the love of my life Chad for 10 years and just started working with him as a Real Estate Agent! I live in sunny Winnipeg where the winters are long and cold and the summers are hot and make up for the winters!  I love paper crafting and being creative!  I mainly focus on cards but love making handmade gifts!  I've recently reached success with publications in both Cards and Paper Crafts magazine!  I am also Paper Crafts StampingRoyalty winner 2012, and a Paper Crafts Gallery Idol Top 5 2012!  To see more of my work please check out my blog  I am so excited to be joining the Sweet Stamp Shop's International design team!  The stamps are cute, sweet and make me happy!  Can't wait to start sharing some creations!

Be sure to drop by her blog HERE


Finally we have 

Here is a little about Paloma - From Paloma!
My name is Paloma, I´m from Brazil. I´m an architect and civil engineer.  I have been crafting since I was a teenager and  paper scrapping since 2010 when I got an album from my sister.    I love scrapping, photography, reading, and creating other art projects.  

Be sure to stop by her blog and give her a sweet welcome

Hooray- Welcome *sweet* international peps! 

A little personal - I'm celebrating 4 years of marriage today 
with Mr. Sweet! (Jacob) and I'm just so happy and in love 
that I thought that I'd share a little happy with you! 

Today and Tomorrow only! 

All 4x6 sets are $10!

Grab em while we have em! 

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Happy Day! 

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  1. Welcome International Sweets!!! :) Happy to have you apart of our team!!

  2. Wonderful additions to your team! Hi Anita!

    p.s. Happy Anniversary, Nicole and Jacob!

  3. I am so excited and happy to be joining the team, a true honor!

  4. Congrats ladies, and a special shout out to both Anita and Erin. You girls are going to rock it!