Jul 10, 2012

Inspiring Tuesday!

Oh, I'm lovin summer! 

Between my bright pink nail polish and 
my (sorta) tan... things are looking pretty good 
this year! 

How are things at your neck of the woods? Hot? 
Prepping for vacations? Workin' on a tan? 

Well, no matter what... we've got some 
great summer inspiration for you today! 

First up is Laura with a really cute cute cute package! 

I love that box with the stamp on the top... 
it makes ya wonder whats inside! 

She used Packaged Pretty 

You can find it in the shop 

Make sure to drop off to Laura's 
Blog and say hello! She loves visitors!

Kelley also used Packaged Pretty today 
and made a card... but, she also used 
Happy Bugs! Check it out... 

I love how she made the flowers with 
the different colors. It makes the 'Thank you' POP! 

Be sure to say hi to Ms. Kelley on her blog 

And then be on the look out for us restocking 
Happy Bugs!! (today or tomorrow!!) We'll be sure 
to send out a newsletter... so you'll wanna sign up!

Hope everyone has a great summer tuesday and 
that you check back in with us soon!

Happy Stamping!

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  1. I just love your stamps they are so creative, and this designer Laura did a cute design team project.. TSQ

  2. What cute cards today, Love the last one with its simple elegance. Thanks for sharing