Feb 17, 2012

Sweet Video Time

Friday is here... 
Coffee is waiting downstairs
and a fresh bottle of creamer 
is in the fridge. 

Whew, life is good! 

You know what makes
this day even *sweeter*?!?

A 'sweet' video! 

That's right! Our friend and 
design team genius Laurel 
whipped up this amazing 
video that is sure to make you 
smile. ( I giggled out loud!... 
it's just something about that music!) 

stamp set. 

And she's showing you 
how to make this gem! 

Here's the video! 

Laurel, she's amazing that one!

You'll want to stop by her blog
for more fun details!

AND remember...


Did you know that we have a 
pretty fantastic Newsletter? 

A little email that we send out once
*maybe* twice a month with a 
**Coupon Code*** and sweet announcements. 

We just sent one out on Valentines Day 
with a *good* coupon code!! You'll 
wanna get in on these for sure... 

How, you ask? Go to the website 

Scroll down and in the bottom left hand 
corner there is a place to sign up. You enter
your name and email.... and bam, you're in! 

SO, to make this whole process worth your 
while...we have 3 *full* 4x6 sets 
we're giving away to those whom sign up! 

You have until Monday to sign up and 
get your friends to sign up... yep, it's worth 
more entries! 

Hooray! You're going to LOVE our newsletter! 

Happy Weekend! 
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  1. Can't believe I have missed out on your newsletter all this time. I have been with you on FB since the begining!! Silly me.

  2. Got your newsletter just yesterday :) Fingers crossed! Great Video Laurel!

  3. HA!! Great video!! Now I NEED that one!! Darnit!!