Dec 28, 2011

2012 is coming fast...

Hey all! 

Boy, do I have a great post for you today! 
Lots of great cards to show you... almost 
another 'card' roundup!

Let's dive right in!

Starting with the ever talented 

Check out all the balls 
in that gum ball machine!!

I love the colors and the design! 

Just so darn cute!!

She also recently made this card... 
I don't remember if I showed you...

Love those cherries!

Next up is GENY
with this great Christmas card!

Although Christmas is come and 
gone... I think that the layout and 
technique she used is super 
versatile and can be used for pretty 
much any card! 

She used the 'Tree Traditions' 
set... I love that set!

I can't wait to show you 
card using 'Tree Traditions' BUT
it's not a Christmas card at all! 

How genius is this card?? 
This is a great example of
getting massive bang for your buck!

I recently made a little bag using 
the 'Sweet Victoria' set... 

Close up of the middle..

It's so small and cute! 
This would be great to stick a 
dixie cup in it and put a few flowers 
for a friend in it! 

For Christmas I got a new 
camera macro lens... it's so 
cool! I'll be able to take great close
up shots of all the projects so you 
get *the* clearest image of *how* 
to do it yourself! 

Check out my new lens in work... 

A flower... 
(and some photo editing) 

Our family doggy, Bosco (buddy), got in a 
picture or two too! 

Anyway! I can't wait to start photographing 
crafty stuff for you! It's going to be *really* close
and *really* clear! (I better start watching how 
much glue I put on things.... you'll be able to see even 
the smallest mistakes... yikes!) :) 

Off to craft and photo! 

Have a great day everyone!
Be back tomorrow!


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  1. loving all these cute projects...thanks for sharing..

  2. WOWOWOW! This post is packed with AWESOMENESS!! LOVE LOVE LOVE all those cards--love the different style and ways to use the SSS stamps:) LOVE your bag!!!

  3. love all the pics!!! see you at cha!!

  4. Awesome cards. Great job everyone.