Nov 10, 2011

Lovin' Me Some Football!

Yep, we're right in the middle of my favorite 
sport season, Football. 

I haven't always loved it but, after I met my husband
(14 years ago... yep, I was a baby! :) ) and his obsession with 
all things football was obvious.... I thought, 

If you can't beat em' ... join em'. 

So, for years now we've been super 
San Diego Charger fans! 
(and Seattle Seahawks fans!)

And for the most part, they've only let us down in 
the playoffs... but, we're not having a good year with 
either team. 

Next fall we're making plans to take a vacation 
somewhere east to watch a game... we've always
wanted to! 

(I kinda figure, I drag Jacob across the green earth for 
all things craft... the least I can do is go somewhere for 
football... AND, I have a great time!) 

Anyway, enough about me! 
I'm sorry for rambling a bit! 

There was a point to me chatting your ear off 
about sports... Oh, yes... Geny's awesome card! 

She used the Sports Fever set... what a FUN set! 

2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate!?!

Take a moment to pop over to her blog and 
cheer her on! 

Don't forget to stop in to 

Happy Crafting and Happy Football!!


P.S. Yep, my Chargers are playing the Raiders tonight... 
here's hoping that we haven't lost all hope! Come on 
Rivers! (our QB)

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  1. Super cool card...and liking the pattern paper look you made with the stamps:)

  2. LOOOOOOOOVE this card---LOVE the football design and the colors---WOW! AMAZING:) LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    ps...didn't know you loved football! Interesting:)