Nov 21, 2011

AMA Musical Monday (hangover)

Just a small post 
today inspired by some 
'Old School Rock' 

Did anyone watch the AMA's last night? 
Ugh, sometimes I don't know why I 
watch those shows ... the people I would 
care to win awards are either not nominated
or don't win. It's truly a high school popularity 
contest.... Like in my opinion, Adele should 
have received every award she 
was nominated for... I mean, her cd is *the* 
best that we've heard in sometime. 
And she's pure genius in concert! 

Side Note: I don't think I 
could even tell you a Taylor Swift song! 

Anyway, enough of my bitter rant about 
the AMA's... 

Check out Geny's card using

Old School Rock

It's really fun!

She even used a couple stamps 
from the 'Sweet Tooth' set

Thanks for dropping by today!

What did you think of the AMA's? 
or Were you the smart one and didn't 
tune in! lol 

Happy Monday all!!


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  1. Apparently I was one of the smart ones and didn't even tune in to the AMA's. I'm loving today's rockin' cute!

  2. I did not watch the AMAs....darn! Missed it again! LOOOOOVE this card by Geny! I love that all the SSS posts match something that is going on in the world--Twilight last week and the AMAs today...LOVE:)