Oct 14, 2011

OJS Winners and Spooky Halloween Inspiration!

Spooky Friday Wishes! 

As you all know, Halloween is right around the corner! 

I have a special couple projects to share with you!!

All of them I used the *new* Halloween Owl-fits set... 

The first project is the make 'n' take for the 
*big* Susan G. Komen Event 

It's a cute brooch!

I love felt flowers... you'll noticed that 
they are featured in *all* the projects today! 

The back is nice and clean.

Isn't cute on a little cardigan?!

I'm sure the ladies will enjoy making 
a spooky brooch all their own! 

Next is a labor of love that has sat on my 
desk for a while... A set of three coffins... 
and they turned out pretty cute if you ask me! 

Here is the first... if you follow facebook, you've
seen a peek of this one..

Melvin's Coffin

And they all glow in the dark!!

(sorry for the not so stellar photo!) 

This one the inside of the coffin glows... and
it's bright in person! 

Next is Vernie's Coffin! 

This one glows too!! 

The stars light up bright!! 

And lastly we have the 

Spider Coffin!

This one can stand up or on it's side 

like this

I made those webs with my glue gun!! So cool! 

And the webs glow! 

They make for quite the 3 piece home decor set! 

Spooky and cute... and actually SO much better 
looking in person! 

I couldn't get a *good* shot of all three together on the 
table... but, I had a cool 8mm iphone video app and 
I took a short little clip of where they are sitting... 

Ok so if you've made it this far ...

(and haven't just skimmed to the winners list :) 

I wanted to share some of the fun 
I had making these by 
putting the 'Halloween Owl-fits' set

40% off!!!!!
coupon code: HOF40

(We haven't had a sale this good 
since we opened!!)
This coupon is good through Sunday! 

OJS was the biggest success! Thank you 
all so much for donating your time, your blogs, and 
your product to helping Julie get her smile back. 

I am beyond pleased to announce that we've 

over $2,800.00

Can you believe it! 

We are so very blessed and so thankful. 

I would go as far to say ... we're speechless. 

Thank you for your good will and generosity! 

Ok, you've been patient enough... 


A couple important side notes: You *must* email 
nicolehrixon@gmail.com with your name, 
email, and home address no later than one week 
from today to claim your prize
As you can imagine, with over 80 prizes... please allow 
*at least* 3 weeks for the shipping of your prizes.
We're a one lady ship here at SSS and shipping costs 
are lovingly being donated by SSS's accountant (Nicole's husband)
so we're trying to space out the shipping bill :) 

Thanks for understanding! 

Ready for *the list*

(in no particular order...)

Karolyn Loncon

Lynn Mangan

Julia Herald

Deb Felts

Patricia Case

Larry Sands

Laura Davis

Grace Ann Christian

Laura Pryor

Mary Dinucci

Julie Day

Paulette Racanelli

Doug Zweigoron

Liz Tonkins-Agea

Mary Sue Knight

Janet Bagnall

Mark Browning

Kim Lackenbach

Leea Peterson Shelton

Deborah Olson

Veronica Zalis

Shelley Warnock

Angela Hathikhanavala

Michelle Single

Elizabeth Keefe

Cindy Keller

JenMarie Taylor

Christian Rider

Ruth Gauss

Elaine Sauer

Julie Smith

Allyson Anderson

Stella Paeglow

Nazeema Bastian

Judith Hayes

Barbara Hagen

Sharli Fredricksen

Eveline Sterling

Mary Friederichsen

Zehra Bhinderwala

Deborah Frings

Donna Ellis

Erin Thiem

Chris Simon

Lisa Wallace

Savannah O'Gwynn

Lindsey Wood

Tracy (Owl be Craftin)

Maria (Maria's Merry Makings)

Vera Yates

Karen Day

Karen Baker

Tanya Phillips

Amy Crockett

Linda Harris

Stephanie Parker

Miriam Prantner

Lindsey (Bashful Blogging)

Smitha Katti

Ms M

Nicki Scheck

Stephanie Muzzulin

Amy Kolling

Ashley N Newell

Sherri Thompson

Giovana Smith

Leigh Ann Baird

Michelle Hodges

Lynn Miller

Alice Wertz

Lee Murphy

Tonya Dirk

Dana Seymour

Jinny Newlin

Sarah Jay

Keri Lee Sereika

Heartsong Inspirations (Leah Cornelius)

Libby Hickson

Sarah Anderson

Hera Frei

Vanessa Middleton

Jen del Muro

Keva Brown

Thanks again for all the donations... both of your time and 
of your wallet! It's beyond appreciated!

Ohhh, and the winners for my
special shrinky cards I made are...

If you could email me your address
I would *love* to ship these off in your direction!


Blogger Holly said...

I love this idea! I never thought of it! Thanks for creating this hop for Julie! She really deserves her smile back!


hollyshobbie at gmail dot com

Blogger Linda Harris said...

Those are so stinkin cute Nicole. I have never tried the shrinky stuff but just may give it a try. Linda Harris Lsunflower58@aol.com

Blogger Jan Garber said...

These immediately brought a smile to my face! And love the Halloween earrings! Cuuuute! jgarber5@cox.net

Blogger Scrapacat said...

This are so stinking CUTE! Love the matching packaging. Darling work!
scrapacat at yahoo dot com

Blogger Indy said...

Absolutely, utterly adorable! Love the candy stamp set!
indyowens at yahoo dot com
Don't forget to check out our Flickr
for up to date inspiration...

And, take a moment to follow our blog as
well as our facebook! 

We're a pretty 'sweet' group and we'd
love for you to jump in!

Big Hugs!
Jacob and Nicole Rixon 

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  1. First That is awesome what was raised. Second those projects are awesome. I love the felt flowers and feathers on the projects. Makes the bats pop on them!!! Thank You for doing this great hop for Julie YOU ROCK!!!!! Linda Harris Lsunflower58@aol.com

  2. Bouncing in my office chair for the how much was raised :) -- I sincerely hope Julie will have here new smile sooner than later and will find herself feeling simply gorgeous asap -- the coffins ROCK btw
    and sending you my info too ---soooo very excited to see what surprise will show up at my door :) I had fun.
    Thank You.

  3. Thank you so much, again, for putting this together for Julie, what an amazing amount raised! Oh, and your projects are delightful! The glow in the dark is a sweet extra touch!

  4. Wow, so happy & surprised to see my name there, thank you! So thrilled this much money was raised for Julie! And - your projects are so adorable!!

  5. WOW! Thanks for drawing my name! That's so cool! Thanks for the awesome hop and bringing everyone together for Julie! Hugs!

  6. What a list of winners! Woohoo! So excited to see my name in that list! Thanks, SSS! And those projects are eerily fantastic, ya'll!

  7. That is a VERY long list, and I'm happy to be on it! :) Yay for a successful hop!

  8. I'm so excited to see my name on the list, thank you! Even more exciting to see how much money was raised! I'm so happy that the hop was so successful :D

  9. Nicole,
    The halloween goodies are awesome - I want to try several of the ideas you've presented!!
    Thank you for the fund-raiser for Julie Ranae - she is such an awesome person and we need to see her beautiful smile!


  10. I'm so happy we were able to help Julie on her way to getting her smile back! I was so excited to see my name on the list! Thank you so much, Nicole, for having the sweet idea!

  11. Congratulations to all the winners! Nice to see all the $$$ raised to help Julie smile!!

    ~Vanessa W

  12. Hooray for such a successful hop!!! Way to go!!!! So excited for Julie!!! Thanks to everyone who participated!!!! And CONGRATS to the prize winners!!

  13. I am so glad for Julie and I can't wait to see her new smile. Thanks for OJS and I am so glad I was one of the winners! Thank you so much to you and all who participated,
    hosted and donated prizes. I did manage to thank 98% of the sponsors because they really made it fun!

  14. Oh I for got, I love the coffins they are so cute and the cute felt flowers with the bats.

  15. WooHoo! What a fabulous success!!! And of course I'm still working on getting thru the entire hop...it's truly inspiring!!! Thanks for drawing my name too...what a fun surprise!

  16. Oh my word, those coffins are just darling. Are they for sale? I would love to buy 1, 2 or all 3. :)

    I am so glad you were able to raise so much and feel it was my honor to be able to participate.

    Ms. M

  17. Seriously?!?! I was so surprised to see my name. Whoot whoot!!! So happy to hear about how much money was raised for Julie. Thanks to everyone who donated and left comments on my blog. Also, thanks to you, NICOLE, for organizing this fundraiser and Julie for the OT. ;) hehe {{{Hugs}}} to everyone!!!

  18. Wow!! Thats amazing all the money that was raised for Julie!!
    Very exciting!!
    Love all the creative coffins!!

  19. What great Halloween projects!
    So happy that the blog hop was a success and raised that much money for Julie's smile! Bloggers rock! I see my name on the winner's list so this makes me happy too!

  20. Thank you for having put this together. What an awesome blog! Even though I didn't win I still feel that I was part of something grand.