Oct 29, 2011

Halloween Extravaganza~

Happy Halloween (almost!) 

Is everyone dusting off last years costume planning for an 
exciting party tonight? Or just putting the last couple 
details on your kids costume for Monday? ... 

Well, whatever you're doing I'm sure that your 
getting in the Halloween spirit!

Talking about Halloween spirit... wait till I show 
you what Savannah has come up with ... it's 
going to blow your socks off! 

Savannah rocked out the stamp set
'Halloween Owl-fits'

Savannah made a couple really 
*stand out* projects... 

I really like those celo bags! 
And the bat with the twine
is perfect! What a unique 
way to add a 'card' to 
any gift! 

Those Red Vines look yummy and 
Vernie is totally the life of that card 
wi the glitter and feather! 

Check out this banner that Sav made for 
the Ribbon Carousel... WOW, I *love* those 
bats!! What's nice about the Halloween set
is that the bats and the spiders come in more 
than one size... and I *really* like that when 
I'm creating the details of a card.

And last but not least... check out these 
Pixie Sticks that Sav made!! They would 
be the most perfect gift ... and got 
me looking around.... Did you know that 
you can use lemonade drink powder mix
to make home-made pixie sticks!?!

What a brilliant idea! 

Talk about a *great* activity for the kids... 

Especially around Halloween! 

Well, thanks for dropping by today! 
Have a super weekend... and 
if you can, say hi to us on facebook! 

We *love* to see all your 'faces' and comments 
on our wall!!

Halloween Hugs, 

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1 comment:

  1. I've had a great time using my Halloween Owl-fits stamp set!! My fav project shared today--those pixie sticks:) LOVE LOVE LOVE!