Sep 8, 2011

Thursday! An apple a day...

An Apple a Day... 

Yikes, I'm running late with post today... 

It's Lindsay's day being featured on the 
blog and she has created such a colorful card!!

Check out her blog: HERE

I love the colors ... so bright and pretty! 

And her coloring of the apple is top notch... Lindsay's so good like that~

I'll be back tomorrow with a long post and 
some exciting news of upcoming releases! 

Check out the flickr and SCS galleries... we're in the process of updating them!

Big Hugs, 
Jacob and Nicole

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  1. WOW---LOVE her shading and coloring! Great job, Lindsay!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE:)

  2. I agree with Sav... love the coloring and shading on her core. :) Really cute card, too. Love the different shape and the buttons!!!