Aug 17, 2011

Scootin' By Wednesday! (Plus a coupon reminder from yesterday)

Wednesday? Already!

August is flying by... or maybe should I say, Scootin By? :)

Kids are getting back to school... fall is around the corner... cool weather and shorter days... sigh, I just can't wait. 

I mean, I love summer with the best of them... but, football comes around and fall scented candles fill the shelves and I'm wishing away the summer. 

Ever catch yourself wishing for another season to come and then at the same time 'wonder where the time has gone'? 

Anyway, today I have a really inspirational card by our coordinator extraordinaire..   (who has not only been creating amazing cards but has been juggling sick kiddies.... we're so thankful for all she does! )

You know Kryssi from her blog: HERE

Check out her card using 'Scootin' By' 

I love the 'scene'... thanks for sharing Kryssi! 

I also really like using the 'Scootin By' set for just the sentiments... like I did here with a friends birthday gift. 

This was all made of rolled up paper... and the 'bow' was made of paper as well (except for the brown)

What you don't see here was the inspiration behind the gift... 

My bff and I recently attended a birthday party for a mutual friend (whom just had a baby) and we decided to merge gifts. The inspiration behind the wrapping was a Lamaze toy that my bff bought to place on top of the box.

It has lots of great texture and color... I wanted to match the style of the worm with the adding different textures and patterns. But, keeping with the same color scheme. 

Have you ever used the gift you were 
giving as a means of inspiration for the card?  

We'd love to hear about it... and SEE it! 

Leave a comment with a link to a blog post 
or picture with a card inspired by a gift!


Don't forget this week through the 20th we have a coupon for 25% off our 'Gnomies' set.

Coupon Code: LOVGN25

Happy Crafting! 

Have a   Sweet day!

Jacob and Nicole
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  1. what a great way to personalize a gift!

    both of my kids loved those toys when they were babies. good choice!

  2. Oh, Kryssi's card is such a cute little scene! Awesome!

    I love the coordinating card and wrap for the cute baby kids had them, too! Definitley inspiring!

  3. Kryssi is SUPER SUPER amazing--LOVE it!