Aug 11, 2011

One Cool Lady and Two Cool Scoops!

Happy Thursday All! 

Hope everyone got a chance to check out the winners from yesterdays announcement! If you didn't, scroll down and check it out! 

I am so happy to be showing off these next two cards by Lindsay! 

First, check out her blog: HERE 

She's a crafty genius! 

Today she played with Cool Scoop

(A side note: I know some people have asked... 
Yep, that's my handwriting in all the sets. Obviously, not the typed stuff but everything big and whimsy... it's me :) 

Ready to see some pretty amazing inspiration? 

I love how she made the scoops look like they are disappearing behind a wall. 

I also like how she use the different 'toppings'... I think that it makes the set so much fun to play with. The possibilities are endless! 

You can see the set *live* in the store: HERE

This next card I spotted on Lindsay's blog a few days ago and .... WOW... 
it's so great I just *had* to steal it and share it on todays post!


Lindsay is so creative and she just has a great eye for design! 

We're pretty lucky we can call her a Sweet Tooth Girl!

Don't Forget! 

Visit our

for LOTS more inspiration! 

Hope everyone is having the Sweetest day! 

Jacob and Nicole

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  1. These are such fabulous cards, so so cute!

  2. love these, Lindsay! Soooo coool!

  3. SUPER fab, Lindsay!! You're def. COOL:)

  4. Lindsay's cards are so sweet...I really want that set!