Aug 19, 2011

It's Finally Friday!

Finally Friday! 

I can't wait to tell you all about Ms. Savannah and her creative genius... both with a card and another video! Yippee! 

BUT, first... a little something personal...

Last night Jacob took me (in celebration of our anniversary) to see ADELE!

That's right! And she was ahhhh-mazing! One of THE best concerts I have ever been to... and I've seen some goodies... (like Ray Lamontagne last year... whoa... if you ever get a chance to see him... GO!) Anyway, I'm a total music junkie... I think I'm nearing 10,000 songs on my itunes/ipod. It's a total addiction... BUT, I am VERY VERY picky about who I go see in concert.

First because, have you seen the price of tickets???
$$$$$$ Goodness gracious!

Secondly, the tickets I can afford are usually where nose bleeds occur... so I might as well just wait for a concert on TV... it's a lot cheaper and you can actually SEE the performer.

BUT, there is some artists that create the 'perfect storm' 

1. Small Venue
2. Decent Priced Tickets
3. Amazing Artist

Adele created that perfect storm last night. WOW. 

Anyway... here's a little picture of Jacob and I waiting for Adele to come...

(excuse the fact its a total self portrait)

Yippee for three years of marriage and seeing Adele!


Enough about me already! 

Oh my goodness, you just wait till you see what Savannah did! 

Check out this little 'treat' of a card using 'Cool Scoop' 

Yummy is right! 

Total BONUS... Savannah also took some of her time to show us how she utilizes Sweet Stamp Shop packaging to help store her clear stamps! 

That's 'green' and totally genius! 

Take a look...

Savannah, she's a pretty amazing designer
and she does such a nice job with the videos!

(P.S. the lighting is so good in
these videos Sav!... next time you'll have to show
us your craft space and what light sources you use!)

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I have it on good authority more videos are coming soon!


You have through the 20th to use the coupon code: LOVGN25 for 25% off the 'Gnomies' set (while supplies last... and they've been popular!)

Sweet Hugs for a Sweet Weekend!

Jacob and Nicole
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  1. such a YUMMY card and great video by Savannah!

  2. awesome video and i just love your card, savannah!!

  3. I just love love love this yummy card. Love the dp and of course Sav's creative style. The video is AWESOME! She makes it look so easy.

  4. Thanks so much for the sweet comments--LOVE LOVE LOVE these stamps:)

    And I'm so glad you had a great time at the concert! Must check this music/artist out!

  5. SO clever! I must try my package will not be in a crazy mess! AWESOME video, Sav!!

  6. Cute card and "sweet" tip :>) I will be modifying all my stamp packaging that way!