Aug 26, 2011

Friday, Friday! Sweet Friday!

Is every one having a pretty 'sweet' friday? 

(oh, my gosh... you know those moments where you're thinking of at least 8 things and then BAM the greatest idea hits you... then you rack your brain making sure you have all the stuff in your stash to complete the idea... yep, that JUST happened to so be on the look out for something pretty amazing in the next day or two... assuming the idea is as good in reality :) 

Back to regularly scheduled programming...

Let's credit Leigh Ann's card with my burst of ideas :) 

Leigh Ann has 'done it' again! 
I love how she's utilized all the different stamps in the set.

Make sure to drop by Leigh Ann's blog 
and give her some 'sweet' comments!

On another side note: Tuesday is my (Nicole's) Birthday... I'm offering the same percentage off as my age! (Can you guess it?) Stick around for tuesday for a really great coupon code~

Sweet (friday!) Hugs, 
Jacob and Nicole

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  1. Sandra.... 24 was a good year... BUT, it was a little while ago :) Although, I would understand your guess... I do have that '24' youthful glow~ :)

  2. Leigh Ann's card is so cool! And what a generous discount you're offering! ;)

  3. I am not going to even guess your age :>)
    Love Leigh Ann's card, the b&w with that pop of paper piecing is so refershing!!! I am going to be casing this one for sure :>)

  4. OHHH! Happy birthday, early!! Hope you have a SWEET day, Nichole!! LOVE this card--great b/w mix with fun colors!

  5. I hope your idea works out because I am curious to see it!

  6. Love this card Leigh Ann! Happy Birthday to you Nicole!! Hope you had a great one!

  7. Leigh Ann's card is so creative...she just amazes me!

    Happy birthday to you, Nicole! I'm not even going to venture a DH told me long ago NEVER to guess a woman's age (God forbid you over-shoot!). Let's say 21 and not a day over!